Rabo Unplugged Info Area

Analysing (the current situation), consulting (desired situation) and visualising (animation) a physical information area about Rabo Unplugged at Rabobank Nederland Beneluxstaete. This was my graduation project for the Hague University in the Netherlands (de Haagse Hogeschool) BICT Communication & Multimedia Design HBO.

I used various analytical methods (such as a Current Reality Tree, a Cause-Effect analysis and a Fishbone Diagram) + findings during a survey conducted on the users of the environment, to identify a number of problems. The problems were mainly in the mental, physical and virtual environment of the user and the design. Out of the analysis process, that i provided, i made an advice and visualization of the current and desired situation.

Graduated BICT with an 8
1 x Graduation plan (9 pages)
1 x Project Initiation Document (17 pages)
1 x Analysis (46 pages)
1 x Advisory (32 pages)
1 x 3D Visualization
1 x Processreport (57 pages)

Used methods:
- Prince 2
- Analysis: Observation, questionnaire, Een goed onderzoek
- Advisory: Een goed avies

- Een goed advies
- Een goed onderzoek
- Communicatie Theorie en Praktijk
- Informatief Communiceren
- Design for new media
- Adviseren als tweede beroep
- Gedrag in organisaties

Used techniques:
- Fieldresearch
- Deskresearch
- Animation

I also made designs for the interface.

Year: 2009
For: communication agency Yolk & Rabobank Nederland