Rabo Unplugged Infoseat

Iím responsible for the specification, physical and virtual design of the Rabo Unplugged Infoseat. I made concept designs of the physical design, mock-ups and interaction design for the interface. The whole concept went into production and went live for the whole year of 2010 in four Rabobank Nederland headquarters Croeselaan, Hoog Catharijne, Zeist and Eindhoven.

The Rabo Unplugged Infoseat is a multifunctional informative relaxing area where people can watch videos, get the latest news (from nu.nl) and talk about Rabo Unplugged. It makes use of a magnetic board where people can stick papers and magnets on (also for branding purposes). Also the large top image is fully magnetic, so they are swappable between the different Info Seats across the areaís. Another reason for this was to give the area more use for future marketing thatís not about Rabo Unplugged, so the investment wonít go to waste.

Global development process:
- Defining the problem
- Defining targets
- Writing down the target audience and making personaís
- Brainstorming and creative sessions
- Concept designing
- Visualising/designing the physical design
- Visualising/designing the virtual design (the interface)
- Prototyping/testing (mainly on the interface/touchscreen)
- Delivery and installing in Headquarters

To visualise the concept i made a full animation and 3d renders of both the physical- and virtual design. I made the interface design, did 3d renders and made an animation so you could see the concept come to life. I used Visio, Photoshop, 3dmax, After Effects and alot of skills to achieve the best quality product you see above.

Year: 2010
For: communication agency Yolk & Rabobank Nederland